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16-year-old Abby wants to be adopted. She has a sarcastic sense of humour ans loves crafting and painting. She likes the outdoors and going for walks and going on hikes. She loves animals and takes pride in caring for her two fish. She loves to have her hair and nails done at a salon.
Abby takes a great deal of pride in being a good student. She is currently a sophomore at her local public high school. She does very well in school and is also looking for a part-time job! She is thriving in her current placement and is ready to transition to her forever home. Abby has expressed that she would really like to be in a “regular home”. She has spent the last year working on developing positive and appropriate coping skills. She would like to be in a home where someone will, “help me learn to be a better person.” She wants stability and a caring relationship with an adoptive parent. She wants to be able to maintain some form of contact with her birth mother. She would like any pre-adoptive parent to be open to this and supportive. 

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