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Meet Aliyah, who is a very personable 14-year-old. Aliyah is easy to get to know, and
does a great job advocating for herself and sharing her deeper feelings. She enjoys
playing sports, and volleyball is her favorite sport to play. She has a passion for the
arts. Aliyah draws extremely well and uses this platform to express not only her
creativity, but also her feelings. She loves spending time with friends and hanging out.
She has considered attending art school when she graduates, and may possibly want to
go to nursing school. She is still trying to determine her future direction and the loving
guidance of her adoptive parents would help her as she finds her path in life. She
loves music and Nirvana is her favorite band. She loves to read, especially fantasy
Aliyah would like a family that accepts her individuality and allows her to participate
in extra-curricular activities. Aliyah does not want younger children in the home,
prefers to be the only child, but will be agreeable to older children. Aliyah wants a
family that is affectionate, to also balance giving her space and privacy when needed.
She would like a family who enjoys being at home and doesn't have a super busy schedule.  She would like her parents to be involved her extracurricular activities at school.
Aliyah does like animals, but her preference is to have a cat. Aliyah would like a
family that supports her independent living skills and would support her obtaining
employment. Aliyah would prefer to live in the city and be able to continue with her
art and drama clubs.

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