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14 year old Anthony is looking for his forever home. Anthony is a smart, funny and an inquisitive young man. Anthony loves to learn new things. He wants to become a dentist and spend a year abroad in Japan to learn the language when he is in college. Anthony loves animals of every type and he needs a family that has at least one in their home. Anthony does very well with farm animals and his current home calls him the “chicken whisperer”. Anthony does well with younger children and older children. He would love a home with siblings but he would do well as an only child. Anthony loves to ride his bike around the neighborhood, walk through the woods and “research” new things. Anthony does well with his peers and has many friends in school. He cares very much about good grades and strives to maintain a good GPA. Anthony desires a home that will allow him to keep in touch with his twin brothers who are out of state with birth family. He would like to maintain connection with his birth mother as well with guidance from his adoptive family. Anthony is a pleasure to be around and is a wonderful teen who deserves a forever family to help guide him into adulthood.

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