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Anyah is a bright, creative and unique almost 16-year-old young lady. She enjoys music, drawing, writing and being creative. Anyah desires an adoptive family that will foster and encourage her creativity and imagination through any form - whether it be classes, going to musicals, museums, day camps, or supported school arts programs. She is constantly creating art and her room is filled with her artwork.  She also loves writing fiction and has written very detailed stories and hopes one day to publish her work. Anyah is compassionate and loves lending a helping hand when others are in need. She is interested in anime and loves to learn about Japanese culture.

 The ideal family for Anyah would be one that is supportive of important biological connections she wants to maintain and that has some experience with teenagers.  She would also prefer any siblings be over the age of 10. Anyah would benefit from a family that is trauma informed and trained in TBRI, where she can learn independent living skills while simultaneously feeling protected, loved and cared for. She wants to get a part time job in her local community and be able to spend time with friends. She longs for normalcy and would like to be able to experience just being a typical teenager.

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