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Meet the most creative 9-year-old little boy, Ayble! He loves to build amazing structures out of paper towel rolls and tape. His most important possessions are his stuffed animals and puppets. Ayble enjoys playing with his Legos, allowing his creative side to shine. 
Ayble played flag football on his community team and really enjoyed it. Ayble wants to be a good friend to his peers and he does really well in the school setting. Ayble is really great with pets, his previous placement had cats and a dog that were his four legged buddies. Ayble is learning how to connect and bond with people and build deeper connections.  He is learning de-escalation skills when he is frustrated and needs a caring and committed adult to help him to hone in on these skills and support him. He team wants a home that understand Ayble and give him the time and space to decompress. A home that is TBRI trained and understanding of trauma is ideal. He should be the youngest in his home with teens being a good fit for Ayble. 

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