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Brook-Lynn and Zaiden

10-year-old Brook-Lynn and her 12-year-old brother, Zaiden, are a loving pair in need of an adoptive family where they can grow up together.  An active family with pets would be a great fit for these two.

Brook-Lynn is described by those who know her best as a sweet and affectionate young girl, who is creative, loves sports and playing outside, and has a silly side as well.  She is currently involved in Girls on the Run at her school, and is thriving with weekly horse-back riding lessons.  She also really looks up to her big brother and likes to do whatever he is doing. Brook-Lynn loves to be read to and tucked in at night.

Zaiden is described as a kind boy who makes friends easily and is fun to be around.  He loves sports, especially basketball and football.  He also enjoys playing video games and listening to music.

Zaiden and Brook-Lynn have some important biological connections that it will be essential for their future adoptive family to support and maintain.

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