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Chesney is a very talkative and outgoing 16-year-old who with  a great sense of humor. He enjoys hanging out with his friends, playing magic cards, video games and social media Chesney has been involved with Tai Kwon Do for the last year and has been fairly successful. Chesney loves animals and finds them comfort in them. He is able to advocate for what he wants and needs. Chesney is able to attach and bond with families. Chesney wants to be adopted and to have a family to call his own. Chesney has some birth family connections who are important to him and wants to maintain those connections with the support of his adoptive family. Chesney is very loyal to those he cares about. Chesney does well in school and like many teens needs some support with peer connections.  He likes kayaking, bike rides, going on trips and sports.
Chesney deserves a family that is very warm, loving, and caring. He would like a family that is active and fun, who provide consistency and structure with calm, patient demeanor with a splash of humor as they grow together as a family Chesney is looking for a forever family that will commit to him unconditionally. Chesney would need a family that would be aware of his past struggles, but be willing to recognize the remarkable progress Chesney has made. He would like both a mom and a dad but could also do well with a single parent. He would love a home with pets. 

A few years ago Chesney was filmed for WMUR's Home at Last, and you can see his video below.

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