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Cyrus just turned five in March 2022, and is an extremely affectionate and loving little boy who is struggling to understand his place in the world. Educational testing recently confirmed what Cyrus’s team has long known: that he is extremely bright. Those who know him best will tell you Cy is also very in tune with and sensitive to the emotions of those around him; he is described as highly intuitive for his age.
Cyrus gets along well with his peers. He loves digging holes, big trucks, and emergency vehicles, like any typical five year old boy. A match for Cyrus must prioritize maintaining his relationship with his siblings. 
Cyrus has some mobility challenges, so a home that is accessible or able to become wheelchair friendly would be ideal. A family must be open to being trained in trauma-informed care, and available to participate in therapeutic services alongside him. He deserves a home that will commit to love him unconditionally, express his value in the world and provide him with the loving supports and consistency he needs and wants. 

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