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Dominic is a curious nine year old little boy looking for his forever family. He is creative and always trying to figure out how things work. He loves building kits and taking things apart and building them back again. He enjoys playing independently on these things like robotic kits and Legos. He is also growing socially and likes to play with other children. He enjoys direct adult attention as well. He thrives when adults invest time into his life. He is friendly, chatty, and sociable. He  enjoys listening to music and dancing. Paw Patrol is his favorite television show. He also loves to be outdoors. You will find Dominic riding his bike, digging in the dirt or playing in water. 
Dominic wants a family that is active and will keep him engaged in activities. He says he wants a family with no other children on some days but other days he says he wants siblings. He also says he is really ready to join a family. The right family with children could also be a good fit depending on the family’s dynamics. He needs lots of supervision – at times his behavior can seem destructive as he explores how things work – however with the right supervision and direction, he will thrive. He responds well to redirection and is doing a great job managing his emotions with prompts. 

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