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Dominic is one amazing 11-year-old boy. He tends to be quiet until he gets comfortable with others. He needs to feel safe in his environment, but once he is, he will flourish. He is willing to do chores, loves animals (particularly dogs), enjoys outdoor adventures, go-karts, and activities that are hands-on and interactive. He loves going to amusement/recreation parks like Mel’s Funway! His favorite color is orange. He loves dinosaurs and legos. He loves to be creative. He also is always willing to help serve in activities – like handing out supplies to others or helping serve pizza.   He can be a picky eater, but if encouraged will try new foods.  He has a good memory, and pays attention to details, often reminding his social worker it is time to change tires, depending on the season. He enjoys camps, such as ninja camp, where he can be interactive and physical. Dom will flourish in a family that can keep him busy, engaged with patience and love. 

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