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Drake and Maci

Drake and Maci are two wonderful kids who are looking for their forever home. They want a family who will adopt them both.
Drake is a sweet 12 year old boy who loves soccer, playing Legos, cross country, swimming, basketball and being active. He is really into Badminton right now! He loves staying active but does also enjoy Minecraft. HE is friendly and has great manners. He helps take care of his foster families pets and keeps his room tidy. He loves family movie night and helping his foster parents cook and bake. He desires to be in a family that provides him with loving security and a sense of belonging. 
Maci is a beautiful, sweet and creative 10 year old girl. She loves animals and has a passion for taking care of them. She loves arts and crafts. She also enjoys gymnastics, swimming and riding her bike. She is empathetic and supportive of others. She enjoys spending time with friends and family. She has support in school to help her succeed. She desires a family where she and her brother can be together and be loved and supported unconditionally. 

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