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EJ is a social 13 year old boy who would like to find his adoptive forever home.  EJ helped write this profile and really wants to play an active part in finding his family.  He is very motivated and honest about his wants and needs in finding that family we know is out there for him. 

EJ is a funny and personable youth. He loves to write raps, listen to music, play music, and play basketball. He is very social and bubbly, and enjoys being around people. EJ is very  interactive, though he does best when he doesn’t feel pressured to make a connection, and when he feels comfortable to come out of his shell at his own pace
EJ has expressed that he doesn’t love hiking and the outdoors, but that he would likely enjoy doing things like going to a movie with his family. He would like a family who doesn’t “try too hard” initially, and who understands that he has been through a lot in his life and allow him to come to them to build a relationship. EJ loves fashion, namely, Nike sneakers, and would love a family with a shared interest in some of those things. 

The ideal family for EJ would be able to set limits and help guide EJ. They would be compassionate and understanding as EJ becomes part of the family. EJ is very open to a variety of possibilities in a prospective home. He is very connected to technology, and would do best in a home that will set limits while also promoting normalcy with use of a cell phone, Xbox, etc. 
He would prefer to be an only child in the home, though he is open to having siblings as well. He likes animals. EJ does not love the outdoors, but would be open to being placed in a family that does, as long as he doesn’t feel forced to go hiking frequently. He would also like to maintain relationships with his birth siblings. 


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