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Meet Eli. He is 12 years old and in the 6th grade.  He likes to go by the name “Blade”. He likes cheese pizza and grew up eating Ellio’s pizza, and refers to other pizza as “triangle pizza”. He also likes a lot of other plain “kid” food like mac and cheese, and sometimes refers to himself as a vegetarian. He loves playing on his tablet, primarily playing Minecraft and similar games, or watching others play games on YouTube. He will quickly tell you his favorite movie is Titanic and his favorite character is Jack. He also likes music, dancing, building things, Legos, nature, and animals. He does not like sports. Something unique to Eli is his love for bugs. When he finds them outside he likes to capture them and try to keep them “safe.” He likes to read books about bugs as well. He prefers to do things on his own without others interfering. 
Eli is caring, and helpful. He enjoys adult attention and likes to talk about the things he enjoys. He also likes his alone time, and can use this time effectively with things such as drawing or Legos. He knows right from wrong and does not like it when he sees or feels an injustice. He is learning how to use his power for good, and he is remorseful when he knows he did something wrong. Over time, with trust building and consistency, Eli builds relationships with caring adults. 
Eli would benefit from a family who is willing to put in the time and effort he needs in order to be comfortable with building a relationship. Eli can present as being difficult at times and withdrawn; therefore, he will need a family who is willing to be patient and understanding. Eli would benefit from having his own room and space where he can take space to decompress when needed. He would do well with a family that is patient and can talk with him in a calm manner when he’s upset. Eli would benefit from older children in the home to serve as role models. 

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