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Riley Izzy Matthew Elijah group.jpeg

Riley, Matthew, Elijah, Israel

1,2,3,4…these four amazing kids are looking for their forever home where they can stay together! Here is a little bit about all four of these kids. Open your arms wide and consider adopting this set of 4. These four boys desire to be together. They will need a loving home that has energy, time, and the space to provide them with the security and family they so deserve. 
1.    Elijah is an adorable and engaging (7) seven year old little boy! He is always very eager to make the adults in his life happy and will go out of his way to make someone smile. He loves to be around familiar adults, and will seek out adult's attention and affection. He is funny, silly and playful just like his brothers. He can be very typical of children his age, with some storytelling and mischievousness, but learns well when guided and responds extremely well to adult support.  Elijah enjoys talking, telling stories and being the center of attention.  Elijah is extremely inquisitive and loves to learn about new things, and really enjoys exploring outside. His current foster home is in the woods by a lake, and there is a lot of nature to explore Elijah also loves to play outdoors and can frequently be found with a stick poking around for something interesting to investigate. He likes to run and swim and swing! Elijah could use some help in learning some skills, such as tying his shoes and riding bicycles without training wheels. He thrives in learning when an adult takes the time to spend with him and responds very well to positive reinforcement and goal setting. Elijah is very affectionate just like his brothers and enjoys snuggling with his trusted adults. He loves the dogs in his current foster home! 
2.    Israel age five (5) goes by the nicknames Izzy and Dizzy. Dizzy is a very appropriate nickname for this little boy because he is a silly, happy and goofy little boy! He is full of energy and has enjoyed playing outside and riding his bike. He is very affectionate and bonds quickly because he is such a kind child. Israel recently got a remote control car that he enjoys playing with, but what he loves even more is to give the remote to someone else and watch them smile while they have a turn. Israel loves art and painting and has covered his foster home with artwork and enjoys having an easel in his room. Izzy loves animals and has lived with dogs, birds, and cats. Izzy enjoys playing dress up, playing in his sand box outside and with legos like his big brothers. Israel loves Paw Patrol and his stuffed animals and really enjoys learning new board games.  
3.    Matthew is a very funny and very silly little eight (8) year old little boy! He loves to please and will go out of his way to make someone smile.  Matthew loves to be around familiar adults, often helping with tasks. He is funny, silly and very playful. He can be very typical of children his age, with some storytelling and mischievousness, but learns well when guided. He is extremely inquisitive and loves to learn about new things. Matthew also loves to play outdoors, a lot. He is often found outside in the woods exploring and looking for creatures. He likes to run and swim and swing!  Matthew benefits from patience and encouragement in using all of his sounds for his speech improvement.  Matthew has lots of snuggles and love to give and receive. H
4.    Riley is a very humorous twelve (12) year old boy who enjoys "dad jokes", video games, Pokemon and building Lego kits. Riley is extremely caring and thinks of other's feelings constantly and will put other's needs before his own. He also gravitates towards peers who need support and has formed a close friendship with a child with special needs at school and has play dates at this child's home regularly to play video games. He is very easy to connect with and will melt your heart very quickly. Riley has expressed that he misses his brothers and wants to be adopted with them.  Riley has done well at school with support of an IEP and staff have also expressed how caring and kind they observe Riley to be. Riley recently participated in Archery classes in the community and did very well in the class and interacting with peers in the group. Riley tends to gravitate more towards indoor tasks like playing his Nintendo Switch, but is easily encouraged to play outside by providing outdoor activities, or when he is with his brothers who LOVE to play outside. 

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