Elijah (15) is an engaging young man who would love to find his forever family.  Elijah likes playing video games, going to summer camp, and playing in general.  He is also interested in trying baseball this spring.  

Elijah has been thriving with the consistency, structure, and nurturing he has received in his current foster family, and his forever family will need to provide him with the same patience and commitment.  Elijah has benefitted greatly from the presence of a strong father figure in his current placement, and has expressed a desire to be in a two-parent family where he could receive one-on one- time with both parents.  Elijah would like to have siblings, and prefers cats over dogs for a pet. He would also be thrilled if his family shared his same enthusiasm for video games!

Elijah needs parents who have an understanding of trauma and attachment, and can maintain a calm, consistent environment.  Elijah may also have a desire to maintain some existing relationships with his current foster parent, birth family, etc., and his forever family would need to understand this desire, whatever it may look like.