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Ezekiel (Zeke) is an outgoing and outspoken eleven (11) year old boy. He has a heart of gold and a personality that takes over the room. He is incredibly generous and puts those in his life that he cares for first. He enjoy riding his bike, playing basketball, and just about any activity that involves him being outside and being active. Ezekiel also enjoys collecting Pokémon cards, building with Legos and playing Minecraft. He is an active athlete who also loves to be creative. He is kind and caring. 
Ezekiel is not quick to trust and tests the adults and caregivers in his life before he gives them the opportunity to enter his heart. He responds well to the consistency and structure in the home and continues to develop maturity and empathy for his foster siblings. He desires a loving home that will commit to him.  It is important he maintains contact with his biological brothers.  Ezekiel wants to be in a home where he can have attention from the parents, but he still wants other siblings to be able to play and bond with. He would do well in a home with either older or younger children as long as the parents are committed to him and his needs as they guide him through the tween and teen years. 

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