Meet Fenris, an intelligent and social 13 year old boy who really desires his chance to be “a normal kid”. He enjoys riding his bike, climbing trees, fishing, swimming, playing at the playground and video games. He is a good baseball player with a great arm! He is a lively, active boy with both a sweet and mischievous side. He is intelligent and intuitive. Fenris really wants to be in a family with a community to make friends and be social. He likes to be independent but does require supervision and guidance. Like most young teens, he does best in a structure and predictable routine. He has a great smile and can be really fun! He attends church with his grandfather and wants to maintain that connection. He is anxious for a family and gets excited about the possibility for having a Mom again. He would greatly benefit from a household that consists of a father and a mother, as both roles are very important to him. He would like an active family who has animals, especially a dog.