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Haylee is an amazing 15 year old girl who is ready for adoption. She enjoys writing and art. She like many teen girls also likes video gaming and social media. She also loves music. She would like to soon be able to get a job and start saving money. She is exploring what she would like to do when she grows up and starting a job would start to give her some ideas of her career path. She is very polite, soft spoken and very caring, thoughtful, and sweet. She is creative and enjoys expressing herself through art and music.  She is happy to help around the house with things like cooking and cleaning and desires that part in a family. 

Haylee would like to live perhaps in a city with a younger couple that would give her freedom to engage in cultural activities while being supportive as well as holding her accountable when need be. She is a sensitive soul and needs a patient and kind family who will allow her to be a kid and make sure that her needs are met. She needs a playful, loving family to support her and guide her to reach her goals. She is open to any family constellation but would like to be the only child or just one other child in the home. 

Haylee really just wants to find a home, settle in, attend public school, hang out with friends and learn how to be part of a healthy loving family. Haylee is an absolute sweetheart who absolutely deserves an amazing loving family.

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