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Jacob is an athletic and personable 15-year-old who loves to play football, soccer, and basketball. He regularly plays sports, shoots pool, and plays video games with his friends. 
Jacob is very connected to his other siblings who are in separate homes or are adults, and his adoptive family will need to support these important connections. Jacob is well-liked by those that he lives with, and like most teens,  occasionally needs prompts to change his attitude or behavior; he typically receives this well.  Jacob does well in school both academically and socially and hopes to stay in the area he is currently in so he can continue to attend the same school and graduate with his class, if possible. He would like a family that treats him like a "normal teen" and that will respect him.  
Jacob likes being around dogs and would love a home with a dog. He prefers living in the city where he can engage in physical activities and sports with friends, and where he can easily get a job.  Jacob’s adoptive parents should be trauma informed and be willing to work with him as he grows up. 

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