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Jennavaeh is almost 10 years old and she would bring so much joy to your family. She deserves a family that is active and enjoys spending time outside, teaching her new things, and encouraging her to participate within her community. She is funny, kind, caring and is engaging. She enjoys playing outside, taking walks, playing softball. She also loves to garden. She like most almost 10 year olds enjoys playing on a tablet or playing with her toys. She enjoys playing minecraft, arts, craft, coloring as well as playing with her peers.
She is a joy to be around and is very kind and caring. She is witty, smart, and just a happy young lady. She is taking pride in her appearance and enjoys dressing for the day. She has made friends in her community and loves attending school. A family will be lucky to have her as their child.
Jennavaeh verbalizes that she would like to live in a home that consists of two parents. She would like to be the youngest child, however a teenager might be a good fit for Jennavaeh. Ultimately, she needs a family that will give her a lot of love and attention while providing her with an active and fun life exploring her community and world. 

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