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Kendra, Kevin and Jaxson

Kendra is a kind hearted 12-year-old looking for her forever home with her brothers, Kevin and Jaxson.  She can be shy at first but then opens up and is described as sweet and engaging. Kendra is a joy to have in the home of her current foster parents. She enjoys spending time with friends and having playdates with them. She likes to do her nails, do arts and crafts and also enjoys being outside. Kendra is very bonded with her two brothers and likes playing with them. Her school describes her as having a “go with the flow attitude” and that she is just a very sweet child.  She enjoys animals and is open to any type of family situation – she just wants to be adopted with her brothers. 

Kevin is a friendly and kind 16-year-old young man.  He is a huge Star Wars fan and loves constructing Star Wars battleships.  He is learning wood working as well, and helps his foster father construct play structures for families. Kevin loves to play with his friends and go for walks.  Kevin’s current placement has dogs and cats and he enjoys both.   He is currently saving money for driver's education and is hoping to start this summer. Kevin has a strong bond with his younger siblings and has embraced the role of the older brother.

Jaxson is the youngest of his siblings at 7 years old. All smiles and laughs, he is sweet and full of energy.   He especially loves playing with the family dog, and using the swingset in the backyard.  Jaxson enjoys snuggling up for a book before bedtime as well.  

 These three amazing siblings are in need of a loving home that will give them a happy life together...could that be you?

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