Killian is an intelligent and engaging 13-year-old who enjoys attending school.  He is affectionate and thrives on one-on-one time with others.  Killian would love to find a family to grow up in who has similar interests as he does.  He plays several sports (soccer, baseball, basketball) and is very interested in science and outer space.  He hopes to become an astronomer someday, and is excited to bring his telescope to his new home.  Killian also enjoys reading; his favorite series are Harry Potter and Percy Jackson.  
Killian would enjoy having older or younger siblings.  He identifies as Christian, and attending church and being involved in youth group are important to him.  Killian is also interested in travel, and would love to have that opportunity with his new family.  

Could your family be the “growing up family” that Killian is hoping to find? 


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