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Kyleigh and Khloe

Kyleigh and Khloe are closely bonded sisters ready for their forever home together!  
Kyleigh is a funny and sarcastic 13 year old girl. She got a lot of love for those that she holds close. She says that her little sister annoys her, but they are incredibly bonded and want to be together. Kyleigh is an intelligent girl who has a strong understanding of right from wrong. When she applies herself in school it is reflected in her grades. She likes to play basketball, go swimming and cheerleading. Kyleigh enjoys spending time with younger children. Kyleigh got her babysitting certification and likes taking care of children. She enjoys shopping, going to the movies, make-up and doing hair. She can act older than her age. Kyleigh is an animal lover, she loves to play with cats. She is extremely caring and has a charming personality.
Khloe is eleven years old  and when you first meet her she is a bit reserved and can be on the quieter side. When she opens up she has no problem with telling anyone what she wants or how it is. She has a sense of humor and interest in learning. Khloe likes to play board games, book club, chorus as well as arts and crafts. Khloe is very creative and loves to make things. She would like to try gymnastics. Khloe enjoys school and learning; she does lean more into the social aspect of school. She enjoys spending time with her friends and going shopping. She also enjoys doing her nails and hair. Khloe is a huge animal lover from cats to snakes. She also loves children; especially babies.
Both girls think a home with kids younger than them would be ideal and both love being around babies.  They would like to stay in the Southern NH area so they can maintain her school and relationships with their grandmother and friends.  Both girls need their own room and having their own space definitely is better for them. Could you be that home for these two fun loving, bonded girls? 

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