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Kylie is a fifteen year old looking for her forever home. She is very social and gets a long well with her friends. She thrives off interactions and engaging with friends as many teens do. Kylie participated in drama club and took part in several plays which she loved.  Fashion, hairstyling, and makeup is an important part of Kylie's life. In her current placement Kylie typically makes breakfast for herself and peers. Kylie enjoys participating in activities within the LGBTQ community where she feels accepted and supported. Kylie enjoys participating in many community activities including shopping and dining out. Over the summer months, she likes to spend time going to the beach and has gone white water rafting. Kylie has talked about wanting to pursue a career in hairstyling.
Kylie needs a loving, supportive home environment where clear boundaries can be established and followed through. Kylie would like to remain connected to her birth family and needs a family who will support her in navigating those connections. A family savvy about social media would be important in order to support Kylie in using it wisely. Kylie has expressed wanting to be in a home with other children her age or older. She would like a home with pets if possible.

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