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Layla is a bubbly 8 year old girl who deserves an amazing adoptive home. Layla loves to read. Layla is proud of her ability to read age appropriate books and read large words like "Pterodactyl."  She also enjoys playing board games, puzzles, and coloring. She loves to be outside, being active, and riding her bike without training wheels. Layla prefers being the center of attention but is able to share the lime light at times. Layla is sweet, caring, and will nicely correct you if you pronounce or state something incorrectly. She says that she wants a Mom and Dad. She says that wants a "girly Mom" meaning someone that can do her hair in braids. Layla loves to be outside and wants a family that will be active outdoors with her. Layla likes to read but would love parents who read to her every night before bed. Layla prefers her own room, and would love to paint it pink! She is okay being the only child or with having older siblings in the home, however should be the youngest child by several years. Layla loves the animals in her current foster home and does well with animals. She needs adoptive parents that can support her special medical needs. 

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