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Meet spunky 5-year-old Lydia in search of her of forever home.  She loves arts and crafts, listening to stories, singing and dancing. She loves riding her bike, going to the playground and going out for adventures. She loves dress up clothes and shiny shoes! She loves to pretend to put on makeup and especially loves getting her nails done. She likes to jump on the trampoline while singing. She loves to laugh and has an infectious giggle. 
She needs support harnessing her emotions and loving, consistent redirection when she feels overwhelmed. She is learning how to take space and calm herself down on her own. She needs a family who will provide her with structure and routine. She wants a home where she can get outside and play and the family likes to be outside with her. She would benefit by being the youngest kiddo in the home.  She needs to feel loved, accepted and part of the family no matter what. 

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