Mackenzie and Lillian

Sisters Mackenzie (14) and Lillian (11) would love to find an active and fun-loving family where they can grow up together.  
Mackenzie is talkative and outgoing, and always eager to share what is going on in her life.  She describes herself as “girly” and enjoys fashion and makeup.  She is a musician and singer, and would love to learn to play the cello.   She also enjoys reading as well as writing stories. 
Quick to smile, Lillian is a delightful, talkative, and curious girl.  She is an active young lady, and enjoys taking walks, running, and gymnastics. She also likes listening to music and drawing.  
  A two-parent family that enjoys doing activities together such as sports, taking walks, baking, and arts and crafts would be perfect for these sweet sisters!  They would like a family that doesn’t take themselves too seriously, and loves to laugh.  Both girls enjoy animals, but Mackenzie would be especially happy if she could have a pet.