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Marques is an athletic 12-year-old boy who deserves a home that he can depend on for the rest of his life. He is a friendly, personable young man and has an ability to make great relationships with trusted adults in his life. He has formed positive connections with school staff, his first foster parent, and other caregivers in his life.

Marques is a sweet youth with a big heart. He enjoys attention, love, and humor. He is a very active youth who loves to be outside riding his bike, hiking, or just simply playing with friends. Marques loves to play sports, especially basketball and soccer. He learned to ski and would love to learn and get better at skiing. Marques is also currently very interested in building muscle, and has been taking advantage of the weight room!


Marques is very pleasant and polite. In school, he is a great student, participates, and follows directions. 

Marques thinks that he would love to find a family that is active. He wants to be able to play sports, ride his bike, and play outside. Ideally, he would like either an older sibling or a sibling close to his age that he could bond with. He is open to younger siblings, and feels that he can be a positive role model.


While Marques has verbalized he would love to be with a family with the same skin tone as
himself, he is open to any style or type of family, as long as they accept him for who he is, support him unconditionally, and be there for him through thick and thin. Are you this family for Marques?

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