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Matthew is an active and engaging 10-year-old boy. He loves dinosaurs, pirates, LEGOS, minecraft and animals. He also loves many arts and crafts, games, and time outside. Matthew has academic strengths in reading and math. He can be very polite and he is caring of animals. He is typically talkative and able to demonstrate appropriate affection toward trusted adults. Matthew enjoys playing video games, drawing, caring for the chickens where he lives. He also loves swimming. He would like the opportunity to try to play baseball and football. Mathew would like a nice family where he can gets lots of one on one attention. Matthew is looking for a family who is active and preferably have a pet or two! The perfect fit for him would be a family with Trust Based Relational Intervention training to best understand and respond to his needs through a trauma lens. He wants two loving parents and does not care if it is a same sex couple. Once Matthew has established a sense of safety, he is a loving and nurturing boy. He strives for healthy connections and he has a heart of gold. Could you be this family for Matthew?

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