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Melaki Boyle 9.7.22.jpeg


Fifteen-year-old Melaki is a wonderful young man ready for an adoptive family of his
own. A sweet young man full of life and energy, once he becomes
comfortable, Melaki will open up and share his sense of humor. He is funny and enjoys making others laugh. He genuinely wants to please those around him and is a kind, caring boy. He is helpful and enjoys being active in his community, often volunteering his time.

Melaki enjoys being outside, he loves to play all kinds of sports, ride bicycles, skateboards and enjoys staying active. He has taken several trips to the skate park, ballpark, as well as
rides dirt bikes with his school’s dirt biking program. Melaki has lots of energy. He
loves playing any kind of sport, from throwing around a ball to shooting baskets to
driving golf balls. He also enjoys playing chess, and is well enough to beat many adults. He is kind toward others and apologetic when he is in the wrong.
He would do best in a family where he is the youngest child. He wants to feel that he
matters and belongs in his adoptive home. He was recently baptized this summer and
enjoys going to church services on Sunday. A fam ily that can continue to support his
appreciation and willingness to attend church services, that will push him to take
healthy risks in the community while also providing routine, structure, supervision
and age appropriate consequences.

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