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Mya is an amazing 15 year old who will bring joy and love to an adoptive family. Mya is absolutely vibrant, full of life, deserves so much love and support. Mya is extremely outgoing and friendly. Mya’s positive energy is contagious. She loves the color pink, shopping, doing her hair, doing make-up and nails. She is not a shy girl, she is very outgoing. She loves to sing and her voice will blow you away. Mya loves to go shopping, do makeup, go roller skating, coloring and crafts. Mya says she wants a family who would spend time with her. She wants to be a part of a family that spends quality time together. She wants to learn how to cook and bake with her new family. Mya has some supports in school but is doing really well. Mya’s teacher, reported she is a pleasure to have in class and has come a long way. Her teacher reported Mya enjoys school and has done a good job in the classroom. She works hard, completes her work, follows instructions and is meeting all expectations of the classroom. Mya has become a leader in her classroom and Mya’s peers state she is a great partner to have during group projects because she is very creative, motivating. Mya has a lot of love in her heart to give and she deserves a family to love her unconditionally and complete commitment to stand by her at all times. Mya needs to feel accepted and wanted for who she is and who she is becoming as a young lady. She is open to any type of family composition but would benefit from being the sole teen in the household.