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Monica Cyrus

and Soreya

Beautiful and precocious 4-year-old twins, Monica and Cyrus and their 2-year-old sister Soreya, are in need of a special forever family who is well versed in child development, attachment and systems of care.  Monica is a determined little girl who loves shoes, changing her clothes, and carrying her purse.  Cyrus enjoys playing outside, building things, and getting dirty.  He is a little cuddler as well. 

Soreya is a "bossy" little toddler who loves having her hair done.  
Due to their complex diagnoses, a two-parent family with extensive family and community support would be the best match for these three.  A family with a home that is able to be modified for accessibility would be best, as all 3 children are likely to have limited mobility as they get older.  Their family will also need to be willing to receive extra training to learn how to best meet their medical and emotional needs.  

There are many unknowns when it comes to what these precious children’s lives may look like in the future, but one thing that is certain is they deserve a forever family that will love and care for them unconditionally.  Could that be your family?

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