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Mya is a bright, creative, and unique 17 year old young woman. She loves art, gardening, nature, and animals. Mya is constantly doing something artistic or participating in art activities in her current placement. She has also helped organize an annual garden, and looks forward to doing that every spring and summer. Mya has a big passion for all animals and aspires to work with animals of all varieties in the future. Mya has a very big heart and is a warm, loyal person. She is compassionate and loves to lend a helping hand when others are in need. 
Mya also tries very hard in school and strives to do her best with her academics. Mya has plans to graduate early and move on to community college, prior to going to a 4-year university. Mya is also interested in Anime and the Japanese culture; she loves to learn about the Japanese culture and would consider it a passion of hers.  Mya has recently expressed her desire to be in a family setting and wants to explore the opportunity to be adopted.   
Mya has done extremely well in her current placement and maintains a part time job.

She desires to have an adoptive family that will give her a sense of normalcy, so she can experience that a typical teen would have. She loves to spend time with friends, and desires to get involved in her local community, have a part time job and finish high school in a public school setting. She desires to feel safe, loved, and cared for in a family setting. Mya would benefit from a family that has an understanding typical teenage behaviour.