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Rose photos at foster home_edited.jpg


Fifteen year old Rose is a very typical teen who want to be part of a family and have normal family experiences! She enjoys music, fashion, dancing, art, and is interested in gymnastics, and sports. She likes experimenting with makeup and different looks or as she calls it, aesthetics.  She enjoys animals, going for walks and shopping. She has never been on a sleepover and would love the opportunity to do so. She does well in school. She is very sociable and enjoys spending time with friends.


Rose enjoys candy, ice cream and bubble gum.  She really wants to be a part of a family who loves, respects, and values her ideas, emotions, and opinions. Rose has a great sense of humor, is creative and wants to know what it feels like to be part of a family.


Rose needs parents who can set boundaries and give her balance in her personal growth and development. She can become overwhelmed when given too many freedoms and use of technology and understanding safety and boundaries is difficult for her to manage. She responds well when she has one on one time to process, and work through conflict.  Rose needs an environment which is safe and supportive of her discovering more about herself through experiences.  Could you be the family that Rose wants to be in a real home to experience the “normal” life of a 15 year old?

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