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Meet Safeara, a bubbly almost 9 year old with a passion for life!
She loves to have fun, especially making other people laugh. She is a very loving, caring and kind young girl and is learning how to become a wonderful friend. She is very engaging and can be very sweet. She can very easily fill a room with energy and fun!  She loves being outdoors and being active. She loves pretend play, one on one with adults, dress-up, tea parties and picnics. 
Her favorite foods are hot dogs, pizza, tuna, cookies, desserts. She loves to be silly and will oftentimes just randomly start making animal sounds (chickens are her favorite) just to make people laugh. She loves princesses, unicorns, the color pink, singing, dancing, and Minecraft. She loves playing on her tablet. She engages in lots of imaginative play with peers and independently, playing dress-up, playing card games, memory games, and playing with toys. She likes tactile/sensory items such as kinetic sand, legos, and playdoh.  Safeara is very vocal when she doesn’t like something and she will be sure to tell you. She is typically up for anything active and playful.  She has some supports for school and is doing well with those in place. She is excelling in math and is making progress meeting her reading and writing goals.  
Safeara would do best with a family that is patient and active. She struggles with inconsistent parenting and expectations .Clear boundaries and routines help her thrive. She needs to have a stable and supportive environment, in the presence of adults who consistently listen, exhibit empathy, and show that they care. She needs to feel cared for and feel that she is being treated fairly. Ideally, Safeara would do best if she had a space she could go to when feeling upset or overwhelmed. She has a brother, Eli, who she would like to have contact with after adoption as well.  

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