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Sahleena is an incredible 13-year-old young lady who is looking for her forever adoptive home. Sahleena is affectionate, lively, rambunctious, and loving, and a strong big sister to Allen, who is one year younger than her. Sahleena loves coloring, playing games, and making up adventures. She loves having fun and connecting with those around her. The ideal parents for Sahleena would be knowledgeable about trauma, and would be patient as she learns to feel safe.  She does well with unconditional support and consistency, as well as routines. Sahleena is a strong self-advocate. She has an understanding of her current situation which is beyond her years, and wants a committed, stable home more than anything.

Sahleena has a strong connection with her sibling, Allen. She must maintain this connection through frequent visitation.  Sahleena wants a family with two parents who will love her.  Sahleena would thrive best in a two-parent household, however the right single parent home would be considered as well. 

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