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and Chris

12-year-old Sarah, 10-year-old Emily, and 8-year-old Chris are in need of a loving family who can provide the nurturing and support they deserve as they grow up together. 


Sarah enjoys doing crafts, having her hair and nails done, and playing outside. A little shy at first, Sarah soon warms up to the important people in her life.  She loves animals, Jojo Siwa, and wearing large bows in her hair!

Emily is a social butterfly who loves playing dress up.  She enjoys making her own jewelry, and playing outside in the snow.  Both Emily and Sarah have expressed a desire to have pets in their home.

Chris is a compassionate little boy with a beautiful smile.  He enjoys one-on-one attention and affection from the adults in his life.


Perhaps your family is the one this special sibling set is waiting for! 

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