Tayeghan and Tavarius

16-year-old Tayeghan and her 14-year-old brother, Tavarius, are hoping to be adopted by a family with two parents (although they are not opposed to a single parent family) and other children.  They both really enjoy dogs and would love to have one as a pet, however due to allergies it would need to be hypoallergenic.  

Artistic and creative, Tayeghan enjoys playing games, making crafts, and doing puzzles.  She has enjoyed taking a leadership role in her current placement. A deep thinker with a great sense of humor, Tayeghan is very helpful and enjoys helping with chores. 


Tavarius enjoys playing basketball, going to the gym and dancing.  Energetic and sensitive, he is a very caring child. 


Bio family connections are very important to these siblings  and would need to be supported by an adoptive family.  


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