Tieah Seacoast 2.jpg


Tieah is an artistic and insightful 15 year old who deserves the love and stability of adoptive parents.  She enjoys fashion, going to the mall, thrifting and bargain shopping. She just obtained her first job and enjoys it! She is a hard worker there and has made some friendships at her workplace. She enjoys watching movies and now likes 80’s and 90’s  sitcoms, Friends being a recent favorite. She does well in school. She enjoys singing. She hopes to work for the FBI when she is an adult. She is engaging, smart, funny, artistic and loves to talk.  She is very fun to spend time with and is very chatty once she has a trusted relationship with someone. She has never had a caregiver step up and commit to her and this is what she needs most.  She is a beautiful person inside and out! Tieah is open to any type of adoptive family makeup.  She loves dogs and they are very therapeutic and calming for her.