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Oh sweet Wesley! This one-year-old little love will light up a room with his smile! Wesley has already gone above and beyond where it was thought he would go developmentally, and continues to surprise his team with progress. Wesley loves to sit up and look around, but he requires support to sit up. He is quite the fighter and needs parents who are willing to help him continue to fight! He has some complex medical needs but a great team behind him supporting him in his progress. Wesley loves toys that he can manipulate with his hands. He also loves to laugh, and is a very social little guy. Pureed foods are his favorite, and there are very few that he doesn’t like! Wesley loves other kids and animals, and enjoys taking in the world. It is unclear what Wesley does not like, as he is very laid back and happy the majority of the time! Wesley needs a family that is going to love him unconditionally, snuggle him and keep up with his medical needs. Wesley has already defied the odds, and has made great gains. He needs a family that is going to be patient with moving at Wesley’s pace. He needs a family who is going to get him to his specialists in Boston and ideally stay home or have some level of in home care. Wesley’s adoptive parents must be willing to maintain contact with Wesley’s birth parents in a mediated adoption agreement.  

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