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Xera, Gabe, and Marcus

One of three incredible siblings, Xera is a happy, active, 8 year old girl, who just completed second grade. She loves playing outside and riding her bike, as well as listening to music and dancing. She also keeps active by with sports such as soccer and gymnastics. She loves animals and has a dog in her current placement and would love to have a pet(s) with her adoptive family. Xera thrives with clear and consistent boundaries and expectations, and loves being part of a family. 

Gabe is a kind and caring 9-year-old who loves being active and spending time outside. He is a friendly and polite boy with a sensitive soul, anda great imagination which he engages in his creative play. Gabe is finishing the 3rd grade and thrives with encouragement from his teachers. He loves animals, watching movies and playing with his toys.  Gabe is happy to help the adults in his life, especially in the kitchen. 


Marcus is smart and loyal 14 year old young man and a wonderful big brother. Like his younger siblings, he enjoys staying active with riding his bike, fishing, skiing, swimming, going to the beach or lake, making art, reading, listening to music, and watching movies. His favorite TV show is The Office and his favorite food is Chinese food.  Marcus is willing to try new things and has very few things he dislikes.

These 3 siblings have a very strong bond and deserve an active family full of love and play where they can grow up together.  



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