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Addison, “Addie” is a fun loving almost twelve year old girl who is ready to start transitioning
to a forever adoptive family. She likes playing with her dolls, drawing, reading books, and
loves playing Legos. Her favorite color is blue and her favorite animals are horses, dolphins,
and snow leopards. Addie likes imaginative play and loves the adults to be a part of her story.
She likes to dress up in pretty dresses when given the opportunity. She really enjoys one on
one time with adults. She loves horses and has some pictures and a blanket of a horse in her
room, though she has never ridden on. Addie recently learned to ride a bike, which she has
enjoyed when she gets a chance to at placement. She does have a silly personality and does have good manners. She is outspoken and can surprise you by her comments and observations. She wants so much to have a “loving and caring family” (her words).

She has real phobias of bugs, but she has been working very hard with tolerating them around her. She is a very caring and thoughtful young girl. She can be a bossy when she is with her friends. She is learning to develop her social skills with her peers and wants friendships.

She can struggle with self control, however with consistent and loving guidance she has really thrived over the last two years. She is still processing the loss of her connections with her birth family.
A skilled and loving family can help guide Addie to healing and success in life.
She needs a family that can show nurturing and understanding but have expectations and
routines in the home. Addie likes animals but may need some supervision and guidance
initially on how to handle them or be around them because animals can make her a bit
anxious. This family should also know that her religion is important to her and she
expresses wanting to go to church again.

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