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Allison, who also goes by the nickname Ally, is a very cute, sweet, smart, and energetic 9-year-old.  She loves to play outside and especially loves riding her bicycle and playing on playgrounds. She enjoys playing with Barbies, as well as watching the Barbie movie, and doing arts and craft activities.  Ally just started gymnastics and loves it as she learns different flips and moves. She also enjoys assisting with cooking and baking. She is great at playing make believe games, as she has an amazing imagination.
Ally would love a family who enjoys doing fun activities indoors and outdoors together, and who would allow her to continue doing gymnastics. She hopes to have a home where she could play outside in the yard and on a playground. A home without pets would be best for Ally due to allergies.  

Ally thrives in a structured environment, with a schedule to help her with transition times. She would do best in a two parent household, either with same sex female parents or a mom and dad, where she can be the youngest child in the home. She would do well with older, teen siblings who can model good behavior and who have the ability to be patient with her. Allison may also do well with a single female parent as she appears to bond easier with female caregivers. A family that uses TBRI parenting methods would also benefit Ally! 

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