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Andrew is an inquisitive and engaging youngster.  He recently turned 15 years old.  He has resided for the last several years in a residential program to support his need for structure and supervision. Andrew will keep a family busy as he is always on the go.  He very much enjoys hands on activities and playing outdoors.  Andrew continues to learn how to communicate his needs, wants and thoughts. Andrew struggles frequently with staying on track and managing his impulses.  He responds well to consistency, structure and routines. He is using words more and more over the last several years.   Andrew will always need support to manage his supervision and care.  He is eligible for intensive community based supports when he moves to his permanent family. He has significant special education supports as well as a great treatment team all supporting his desire to be in a family.  He is a handsome, loving and caring youth who deserves to have a family of his own.  He very much understands and wants his own forever family.  We know his family is out there and will be a special one!  Could you be the family he has been waiting so long for? 

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