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Avah is an outgoing 15 year old (Her birthday is the fall of 2008) who is ready to find her forever home. She loves music, art, spending time outside being active. She loves crafts and adventure! She thrives when she is heard, valued, and her input is part of decision making. She is determined and strong. She loves going on walks, spending time at the beach, riding her bike and shopping. She has made so much progress over the last year and she deserves a family that will continue to support her in her journey through her teenage years.  She wants a family that will support her in her independent living and social skills.  Avah misses being part of a family and deeply desires for a family. She would love a family that has pets. She wants to be able to spend time with them and feel connected. She would do best as the youngest kiddo in the home. She wants to experience new opportunities with the loving support of her family. She thrives when she has a routine, well defined expectation and clear boundaries. She needs a family that will connect her to her community and provide unconditional love and support. She also would love a family who will enjoy some ice cream with her!  

Here is a link to her home at last video:

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