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Get ready to explore the exciting world through the eyes of 8-year-old Bentley!


Pokemon. Dinosaurs. Playing outside. 8-year-old Bentley loves all three! He would love his adoptive home to have a great space to play outside and would love a yard to play in with climbing structure. Bentley is a HUGE fan of dinosaurs and Pokemon. He can name and
spell the names of all the dinosaur and Pokemon characters! What is your favorite Pokemon? Bentley would love to share about them with you!


Bentley has a great imagination. He speaks both Spanish and English. He enjoys drawing and finding materials to build with. When Bentey has bonded to a person, he loves to cuddle.

Although Bentley is very friendly and working on building friendships, he needs to be encouraged to interact with other children as he prefers independent play or side-by-side play. Bentley is making growth in this area; he
will advocate for himself if he is feeling overstimulated by interaction with others and make comments such as, "Too much attention. No more please.”

Bentley would thrive in a home where the environment is quiet and calm, and there is structure and a routine is followed. Currently, Bentley utilizes a schedule that is written and has pictures; this has been very beneficial for successful days. Bentley bonds with men better
than woman; a home with two parents and at least one male figure would be ideal.  Bentley will need a family that is able to dedicate time to his treatment and therapy.


Bentley attends public school and does very well in this setting. Bentley needs an experienced family that is familiar with IEPs and
will advocate for his needs/services. 

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