Jon is a humorous and caring 12-year-old boy who loves playing outside, swimming, and basketball.  He also enjoys video games, cars, art and music.  More recently, Jon has been participating in karate and takes the lessons he has been learning very seriously.  He also enjoyed learning how to ski last winter.  Jon can be shy and quiet when he first meets new people, but is able to develop caring relationships with adults, and is eager to please those he feels he can trust.  He takes great pride in his appearance and in completing his household chores. 


Jon would do best with patient parents who are willing to spend one-on-one time with him and help him to learn how to manage his emotions and deal with the many losses he has experienced in his young life.  He does best with structure and routine, and will need a forever family who can provide him with consistency.   He has stated he would like to be an only child, but would not mind an older sibling. He also likes animals, especially dogs.


Jon has experienced multiple placements and has endured great loss in his young life.  He will need a forever family who will be patient in working with him to develop trust and a healthy attachment. 


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