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Dylan is an active and healthy 16-year-old young man who loves to be outside and riding anything with a motor.  He is currently participating in a vocational program that allows him to work on dirt bikes and snow mobiles.  He enjoys working on them almost as much as he enjoys riding them.  He also enjoys basketball, boxing, football and track.  He’s not sure what he wants to do for a living when he is an adult, but he has experience with small engine repair, landscaping and stone work.  He enjoyed them all and will be happy to do anything that allows him to use his hands.  Dylan is able to maintain long term meaningful relationships with family and friends.  Dylan is very engaging, polite and can be a pleasure to spend time with.  Dylan is looking for a family who will be active with him.  He would not mind if that family had a garage or shed full of half-finished projects and all the tools to complete them.     

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