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Dylan is an 11-year-old boy who is kind, caring, generous and loving. He is intelligent and very inquisitive. He enjoys reading books on many topics, in particular books related to science. Dylan loves to look things up that interest him and learn about new topics. Dylan enjoys school.


Dylan enjoys the water and would love to learn to swim. He also enjoys riding his bicycle and scooter, sledding and all outdoor activities such as baseball or going to the playground. Dylan enjoys spending time on his computer playing video games by himself and with others. Dylan collects Matchbox cars and enjoys playing with them. Dylan also enjoys playing with Legos, and card games such as UNO.


Dylan enjoys home cooked meals as well as trips to McDonalds or going out for pizza. Dylan can be very funny when he decides to. He is usually polite and friendly.

Dylan would like a family that would encourage him to be active, have a routine and help him find activities to engage in his community and build his self-confidence. Dylan would thrive in an active family that will expose him to opportunities to learn to swim, go hiking, camping, sledding, bike riding and any other outdoor activities to encourage him to be outdoors. Dylan would love the opportunity to be part of a sports team again as well. He once played on a baseball team and was very proud of that accomplishment. Dylan would benefit from a family with a child close to his age. He really thrives with living with someone his age to play with and encourage him to try new experiences and just experience typical tween experiences! 

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