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Emily is a friendly 12-year-old girl who is ready to be adopted. She is very social and can be described as a “girly girl” who loves playing dress up! She gets along well with her peers, other than age-appropriate conflict. Emily loves making her own jewelry. She also loves animals and playing outside in the snow. She
especially enjoys crafting projects. If she is not found dressing up making crafts or jewelry, you will find Emily outside playing and she especially loves hiking and swimming.


Emily participated in various camps over the summer. She was in a sports camp and cheer camp. Purple is her favorite color. Math is her
favorite subject in school.

Emily is very bright, articulates what she wants, does very well in school and is socially conscience. She makes friends easily, is empathic, but also has strong boundaries for herself.


Emily would love a home with a cat and dog. She would love a home that will allow her to do gymnastics as well! The right family for Emily would be trauma informed, be a strong advocate, and help guide her as she grows up. She has siblings she will want to maintain a connection with and her adoptive family will need to support and guide her in this.

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