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Erik is a sweet and friendly ten-year-old boy. He is an avid reader and his favorite times are spent reading to others or having a book read to him. Although Erik is emotionally younger than his age in some ways, he is affectionate and empathetic with adults in ways that demonstrate a sense of maturity beyond his age. Erik bonds easily with adults who are kind and attentive. He has a lot of love of to give, and his ability to demonstrate his care for others is apparent in his everyday actions.

Erik is in the fourth grade and he is at grade level in math and reading. With Erik’s love for reading, he has become skilled at writing his own short stories. These short stories help Erik sort out his feelings and help to guide him with new responses to challenging situations. Erik learns best from reading, and he has become curious about animals and nature. Erik chooses reading during his free time at school, and he uses it as a coping skill if lessons become overwhelming.

Erik enjoys spending time with his peers and staff members. Erik likes outings to amusement parks, going out for ice cream, and playing mini golf. During the last two summers, Erik was able to spend several days at a beach house on Cape Cod and participate in all of the typical coastal activities. He also enjoys playing board games and card games, and he is open to trying outdoor activities such as baseball, Frisbee, and riding a bike. Erik loves to laugh, and he easily finds joy and humor to share with those around him.

Erik is a loving and loveable child with many wonderful qualities to add to a family.

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