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9-year-old Erik is an engaging little boy with a great sense of humor! He thrives with structured routine. He loves school, art, music and imagination play! He loves to read and reading is a tool he uses when he is feeling frustrated to calm down. He is starting to love math and when he conquers a challenging problem, he and his teachers celebrate with a dance! 
Erik is very empathetic which really helps him build connections with others. He needs a home with parents who will love and support him and give him routine and structure to help him thrive.  A patient, loving family who will help teach him and encourage him will allow Erik to thrive in his adoptive home. He will do best as the youngest in the home but older siblings would be a great role model for Erik. Erik's family will need to be open to learning a trauma-informed approach to parenting. Erik is an awesome little guy with so much love for learning and life. 

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