Issaiah is a funny, witty, and athletic 10-year-old boy waiting for his forever family. He can be shy when he first meets someone, but once he begins to trust others, he loves to talk and joke around.  Issaiah likes to be challenged in school, and especially enjoys math and science. 

Issaiah absolutely loves being active with running, playing catch, shooting hoops or throwing a football.   He also enjoys interacting with others while playing board games. In the winter he enjoys sledding and skiing. Issaiah would love a forever family who is as active as he is. He would especially like a dad who will shoot hoops with him! 

Issaiah will thrive in a forever family who can provide loving structure and routine, and help him navigate his many emotions related to the trauma he has experienced in his life.  Issaiah has a biological sister, and it will be important for that connection to remain after adoption.