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Issaiah is an outgoing, athletic, and healthy 14-year-old young man. He has a good
sense of humor and an inquisitive nature. He loves sports of all kinds. He enjoys
fishing with his therapist, playing basketball with anyone he can get to join him on the
court and is currently playing in a flag football league. He has played baseball in the
past and would like to play lacrosse or tackle football when he gets to high school
next year.
He has made a lot of personal goals over the last year and has worked hard to meet
these goals with success. He also has realized that he really wants to and is ready to
have a forever family. His big asks would be that they be an active family who will
keep him physically busy as much as possible, and a family that will help him see his
brother as much as he can. He also has a younger sister who he would like to remain
connected to as well. He is learning to understand sarcasm, but does best with direct,
clear communication. He tends to be transactional in his relationships so clear and
consistent expectations are helpful. He is food and experience motivated andresponds
far more to incentives for meeting objectives than consequences for failing to meet
them. He needs parents who understand his attachment style and are trained in trauma
informed care

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